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Why Your Best Employees Are Leaving
Posted on Monday, September 26, 2022

Why Your Best Employees are Leaving

It’s never easy to lose an employee, but when that employee is one of your top performers, it’s like rubbing salt into the wound. There are costs incurred because of their departure as well, like finding and training a new employee, and the lost productivity during the transition period.

If the employee who left seemed to love their job, it might be a sign to look within your organization and figure out what went wrong. Before you’re handed another resignation letter, consider a few of the top reasons good employees leave a job they love:

Unnecessary Rules

Does your employee handbook boast unrealistic attendance policies, unnecessary dress codes or unreasonable schedule requirements? While rules and guidelines are important for ay business to have, unreasonable or unnecessary ones are a great way to put off even the best employees.

Not Basing Incentives on Performance

If a hard-working employee who goes the extra mile in their work received the same reward as a lazy employee who scrapes by with minimum effort, what’s the incentive for the hard-working employee to continue going that extra mile?

Not Offering Opportunities for Growth

No one wants to get stuck doing the exact same work for their entire career; employees desire professional growth opportunities that allows them to expand their expertise and continue learning new skills. Not offering opportunities for professional development will not only demotivate your employees, but impact the overall morale of your workforce.


When managers see an employee going the extra mile to get things done better, it makes sense to ask that employee to do more, or put them on complicated projects. While a great employee will love the challenge, overwork may make them regret their high performance. Rather than overworking a great employee, delegate tasks of lesser importance to other employees, and put that great employee on the most important tasks.

Employees must be treated with appreciation and respect in order to retain them. It’s more cost-effective to work on creating a better work environment and opportunities for your existing workforce than it is to recruit and train their replacements. The Arnold Group has numerous ideas and resources for improving work environments, creating incentive programs, and providing professional development opportunities. Get in touch today.