Frequently Asked Questions - The Arnold Group
Frequently Asked Questions - The Arnold Group

Employer FAQs

What’s the difference between Staffing and Executive Search?

Our Staffing Services focus on providing the employees you need to keep your organization productive and competitive, no matter the size or scope of your workforce needs. These services give you the flexibility to manage your workforce based on what your current needs are… even as those needs evolve.

Our Executive Recruiting division specializes in contingency, retained and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services and work with companies looking to secure the best talent for their organization.

I’ve never worked with a recruiting firm before, how does it work?

We offer a variety of different recruiting and staffing solutions, and take the time to discover what type of solution your unique organization will benefit from the most.

Our Staffing Services provide you with the flexibility to manage your workforce based on what your current needs are… even as those needs evolve. Our Executive Recruiting services enable us to assist you in finding the best candidate for your high-value opportunities with a high focus on making a great match for both the candidate and our client.

We start by taking the time to fully understand your pain points, company culture, recruiting process, and workforce needs so we can provide the custom solutions you need. Once we find the best solution and all team members are on board, we get started sourcing and recruiting for you. We keep you informed every step of the way, and remain as flexible as you need us to be during the entire process.

What are ‘Workforce Solutions?’

Your workforce needs are completely unique and constantly evolving, meaning you need solutions that are as unique and evolutionary as your company is.

Our Workforce Solutions fall under the umbrella of HR Consulting and include services such as compensation solutions, compliance audits, HR department set up, and more.

All of our solutions are completely customized to your unique needs. If you have a workforce challenge you’d like to discuss, please let us know here.

How much does it cost to work with TAG?

We know you’re looking for a concrete answer to this question, but the truth is… it just depends.

We stay on top of current market rates and trends in order to offer the most competitive rates for all of our services, and provide each client inquiry a customized quote outlining the unique solutions we believe will serve you best.

We maintain full transparency when it comes to discussing pricing for our services. If you’d like additional information, please fill out a Service Inquiry so we can provide you with the best solutions possible.

We focus on a variety of industries, and are always happy to discuss any recruiting needs you may have regardless of the industry you’re in. Check out the industries we specialize in:

Staffing Industry Specialties  |   Executive Search Specialties

How quickly can you fill my open job positions? What’s your average placement time?     

Consider the national average of the time to fill any open job position: 14-63 days. That’s a huge range of time!

There are a variety of factors that play a part in determining the time to fill a position, such as: required skill set, geographic range, and the hiring process and practices you have in place, just to name a few. In short, the answer is, “It depends.” But we assure you, we do our very best to make the time to fill as short as realistically possible.

Learn more about how to determine the time-to-fill for a position here.

I have a lot of open job positions… can you help?

We absolutely can. We work with companies who have a variety of different needs. Our ability to offer flexible Staffing Solutions is one of the many reasons our clients choose to work with us.

Whether you have one opening or one hundred, need them filled quickly or have some flexibility, are looking to fill a short-term, temporary need or want to build a long-term team… we can help.

What happens if I’m dissatisfied with a TAG employee?

All you have to do is let us know that the employee isn’t working out. We will pull that associate off of the assignment so you don’t have to worry about having any awkward conversations (unless you want to) and get to work finding a replacement for you.

Do you have timekeeping/payroll solutions?

Yes! We have different options to serve your unique timekeeping and payrolling needs.

You can take advantage of our Payrolling services, or can choose to have our employees use your current timekeeping system and submit their hours to us, or can elect to have them use timecards to submit to us. We tailor our different options to your unique needs.

How does your firm ensure confidentiality?

We as an organization protect our client’s proprietary information, and only share information that is relevant, timely and applicable to the recruitment process with the appropriate parties. We utilize confidentiality agreements to ensure specific protocols are met.

What guarantees do you offer?

We provide guarantees related to the Executive Search process. Within a specified number of calendar days, if a candidate is voluntarily/involuntarily removed from employment with a client, The Arnold Group will provide a % refund or a one-time suitable replacement at no additional cost.

Why should I work with a recruiting firm?

Working with a recruiting and staffing firm keeps your operations flexible and adaptable, and puts your focus exactly where it needs to be: crushing your core business goals.

As a family-owned and operated recruiting and staffing agency for over 40 years, we stay true to being in the business of people by putting relationships first. This means focusing on building candidate and client relationships and finding a great match for both, not just filling a job and chasing a fee.

If your staffing needs fluctuate throughout the year (or just occasionally with turnover), working with an agency allows you to quickly and easily adapt to those needs with a temporary or supplemental workforce.

If your extremely busy in-house HR Department needs an extra set of experienced eyes to help fill critical roles, a recruiting agency not only expands your talent pool, but also frees up your time by vetting and presenting top candidates for you.

Working with a recruiting and staffing firm isn’t the right choice for every business. Our goal is to help your business succeed through strategic workforce management, and would love to discuss if our services may be a great match for your company. If you’d like to find out more, please click here to let us know.  

Job Seeker FAQs

How long does it take to get a job?

Because we offer such a wide variety of positions, it’s hard to say exactly how long it might take. It truly depends on the position.

Sometimes we have fast-to-fill opportunities, which means qualified candidates could be on an assignment as quickly as the same or next day.

A majority of our job positions take some time (anywhere from a few days to a few weeks) to fill, and it’s up to our business client who dictate the timeframe for making hiring decisions.

We work to place qualified candidates into positions that will benefit both them and our client company, and can never guarantee an employment match will be made. Quite often, the process does take time but remember, the right job position is well worth the wait.

How much does it cost for TAG to help me get a job?

Nothing! Our business clients pay for our services to fill their open job positions, which enables us to offer job seekers our employment services at no cost to them.

What if I hate the job I accept?

It happens! We don’t want you to stay at a job or company that just isn’t a good fit for you.

We’ll always ask you to provide the standard two weeks notice whenever possible, so we can try to find someone to take your place. Once you notify us the position just isn’t working out, we’ll have you sign some paperwork that allows us to start searching for a new position for you – just keep in mind when deciding to leave an assignment that we can never guarantee another opportunity will be available right away, or at all.

How much will I get paid?

We have a variety of clients with a wide variety of different positions, from entry-level on up to C-Suite. Pay depends on the unique position and what our business clients dictate based on their individual needs and expectations.

We will discuss your pay requirements during your initial interview. Have a pay range in mind to provide, that way we will only contact you about opportunities falling within that range.

Rest assured, the pay we discuss during job offer process is the pay you will receive. You can find additional information regarding paychecks in our Employee Handbook.

We work to place qualified candidates into positions that will be a good fit for both you and our business client. Once you submit your application, we’ll set up an introductory interview to discuss your previous work history and skills, what type of position you’re searching for, and your schedule and pay requirements.

From there, we get to work trying to match you with a position that might be a good fit. If one comes available, we’ll give you a call to discuss the opportunity and what the next steps might be. Depending on the position, that might look like skills testing, a secondary interview in our office, or an in-person interview with the client.

How do I sign up/apply?

There are a couple of different ways to apply with us:

Quick Apply Form   |   Full Application   |   Send in your resume to your local TAG branch

What’s the process like?

Once we receive your resume/application, a member of our staffing team will get in touch to set up an interview if your experience aligns with our open positions. This might be over the phone or in person.

In the initial interview, we’ll get to know you and what type of position you’re looking for, what your schedule and pay expectations look like, and learn about your skills, experience and previous work history. After that, we’ll get to work trying to match you with a position that’ll be a great fit for you and our business client.

Will I get benefits?

We offer healthcare insurance, holiday pay, vacation pay, retirement/401(k) options and referral bonuses to associates who qualify for them. Associates who do not meet the qualification requirements for benefits will not be eligible to receive them. Find more information about the qualifications for receiving benefits through The Arnold Group in our Employee Handbook.

Why should I work with TAG?

We are a local, family-owned and operated recruiting and staffing firm with over 40 years of experience.

Our staffing specialists genuinely care about helping with your job search and our primary focus is on achieving goals by putting relationships first. Unlike large national firms, we work to make job matches that will be successful for both the candidate and the client company – it’s not about putting bodies into job positions, it’s about making a great job match.